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Pet Drug Store’s Suggestions to Keep Your Dog Active in Winter

During cold winter months, it can be tough to keep yourself moving, not to mention your dog! An active dog will be healthier and more content. Consider these tips for providing physical stimulation to keep your dog active.

Take Outdoor Walks

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t go for walks outside! With a little extra effort to bundle up your dog and you, your favorite walk the rest of the year can still be accomplished. If it’s below freezing, consider a dog coat and booties to protect their paws from the cold. Try to go for walks at the warmest time of day, usually the early afternoon. And a bonus to outdoor walks — and active dog means an active you!

Provide Stimulating Treat Activities

Mental stimulation is important for an active dog during winter. Treat puzzles are a great option to keep them moving, motivated, and mentally engaged, but so is hiding their favorite bone, smeared with a little enticing peanut butter somewhere in your house. You’ll enjoy watching them run around from room to room, tail and nose in the air, trying to work out where their treat is hidden!

Take a Trip to the Dog Park

Most urban and suburban areas have city-run dog parks these days, and they’re a great way to keep your dog active during winter. Large, fenced-in outdoor areas provide a safe environment for your dog to sprint around off leash, and they’ll have the chance to make new friends. Some dog parks also offer agility equipment for training, plus dog parks are a great place to take a Frisbee or ball for playing fetch.

Spring for a Doggie Daycare Session

Dog parks can sometimes get out of hand if an ill-behaved dog shows up, and not everyone wants to worry about having to break up a dog fight. An alternative that still provides your dog stimulation is a day hanging out with other dogs at doggie daycare. Good daycares are run by professionals who know how to get your dog to release some energy and socialize safely and give you a day dog-free with peace-of-mind knowing they’re in good hands having a blast.

Keep up with Pet Medications

Missing doses of your pet’s medication during the winter can have serious consequences depending on what your pet is being treated for. At Pet Drug Store, we want you to remember to give your pet their medications on time. That’s why we offer a subscribe and save program which will help remind you of your pets’ medications. Life gets busy and we often forget to take our own medication — not to mention give our pets their daily insulin dose, once-monthly flea and tick prevention, heartworm disease prevention, or three-times daily eye drops. But it’s important that your dog or cat doesn’t miss a dose of their medications, as it can adversely affect their health, prolong their condition, or put them at risk for diseases. So please visit or cll 800.360.3154.

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